Make informed, data-driven decisions to grow your business with advanced reporting & surveys.

generate report instantly

Powerful features for all your reporting needs

Generate reports instantly by selecting the fields, conditions, and charts you want to get a drill-down of the data you need.

You can view things like sales funnels for each sales rep or revenue generated across company products to identify best sellers. The fields and conditions you can select are virtually limitless!

Sort reports by ascending or descending, and even choose whether you want the sum, average, lowest, or highest value of each field.

Then, print or export reports to Excel or CSV files with a single click.

Save time by automating reports

Have reports you need to submit every day, week, or month? With Salespeer, you can automate reports by simply selecting a time frame.

Whether it's a specific day of the month, or a future date, scheduling reports only takes a few clicks. You can also send these reports to a specific user or e-mail.

Just set a schedule and forget it. With Salespeer, your team will always have reports ready at the time you need them.

schedule report

conducting surveys

Make informed decisions by conducting surveys

Create unlimited surveys with however many questions you want. Whether it's multiple choice, short answer, or ratings, you can create powerful surveys within minutes. Then, gather customer feedback by e-mailing them to your contacts.

You can generate detailed reports and analytics on your results. Even see survey responses linked to specific contacts within your account.

Get a complete view of your business with our dashboard

Customize your dashboard with widgets to get a detailed and data-driven view of your business.

Choose from over 15 different widgets including overdue and upcoming activities, key metrics, the current status of your sales funnel, and many more.

widget on dashboard

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