1. What is Salespeer?
    Salespeer is a sales management tool for small businesses. It helps you manage leads and sales opportunities, communicate with your sales team, and generate detailed reports. Unlike other small business sales management softwares, you can also create and send quotes and invoices to customers, track and accept online payments, and even generate and schedule detailed reports.

    As a cloud-based tool, you can access Salespeer from any device. Most importantly, your data is always safe and secure - even if your computer or mobile device is damaged, lost, or stolen.

  2. Does Salespeer have a big learning curve?
    Salespeer was designed to be user-friendly. With the exception of a few advanced features, you'll be up and running with Salespeer in minutes.

    However, knowing your business processes will help you get maximum value out of Salespeer. If you're confused or need help, you can always refer to our User Manual or in-app FAQS section. If you need additional help, our support team is always here to help!

  3. Can I import existing data onto Salespeer?
    Yes. You can import CSV files onto Salespeer. However, depending upon your subscription plan, you may have to break your CSV file into smaller chunks. For the Lite plan, batch imports are limited to 500 contacts. For Standard and Pro plans, the limits are 1000 and 5000 contacts respectively.

    You can also sync Salespeer with Google contacts, calendar, and G-mail. ​Simply enter your Google account details to access your e-mails, calendar events, and contacts within Salespeer.


  1. Which subscription plan is right for me?
    It really depends on what features your business needs. We recommend you to start with our free Lite plan to familiarize yourself with Salespeer. This plan is free for up to 3 users. No credit card required. When you're ready or need additional features, you can upgrade to the Standard or Pro plans depending on your needs.

  2. Can I have certain users on different subscription plans within the same account?
    Nope. All users (under one account) must be on the same subscription plan. However, as the account owner, you have the option to assign different roles and permission to each user.

Free (Lite) Plan

  1. How does the Lite plan work? Is there a catch?
    The Lite plan is completely free to use for as long as you want. However, they are limited to 3 users and lack some advanced features. Though it does offer unlimited support, response time is bit slower than the paid plans. If you'd like faster support times, advanced features, and more than 3 users, upgrade to a paid plan of your choice. If you only have basic needs, this is the plan for you.

  2. How long does it take to set up Salespeer?
    Only a few minutes! All we need is some basic information about you and your business.

  3. Are there any setup fees?
    Nope. There are no setup fees for any subscription plan. The Lite plan is completely free to use. No credit card required. For paid plans, all you pay is the price you see on our Pricing page.

  4. Are there any limitations to the Lite plan?
    In order to keep your free account active, you need to access Salespeer at least once every 30 days. If not, your account will be de-activated. After 60 days of no user activity, your account will be terminated permanently. Paid accounts will always remain active, even if there is no user activity, as long as you have a credit card on file.

Paid Plans

  1. Is there a free trial for your Standard and Pro plans?
    Yes. If you're trying to decide whether you want to upgrade or not, you can try out our paid plans free for 14 days. Simply go to "Settings", click on "Modify Subscription," and select a plan you'd like to try out. Though we require credit card details, you will only be charged after the trial period ends. To avoid being charged, you can downgrade or cancel your free trial anytime.

  2. What happens if I cancel my free trial before it ends?
    If you cancel your 14 day free trial before it ends, you'll be downgraded to the same plan you were on before. You will not be charged anything for the duration of the free trial. If you cancel after your free trial ends, refunds cannot be issued for already paid invoices.

  3. Are there any long term contracts for your paid subscription plans?
    No. Since Salespeer is a pay-as-you-go service, there are no long-term contracts. You can pay for Salespeer on a month-by-month basis. However, we do offer discounts if you choose a six month or yearly billing cycle. For the six month cycle, you'll recieve a 10% discount. For yearly, a 20% discount.

  4. What kinds of payment do you accept?
    We only accept credit card payments. We process every transaction using our highly secure, PCI compliant credit card processing facility - so there's no need to worry!

  5. Can I cancel my paid account anytime?
    If you choose to cancel your paid account, you can downgrade to the free account anytime. Though you will never be charged again, refunds cannot be issued for already paid invoices. You can also permanently close your account, but that means all your data will be deleted (and cannot be recovered).

  6. What happens if my credit card is declined?
    You are fully responsible for ensuring your credit card is valid at all times. If your credit card is declined, you will be informed via email immediately. After a few days, we will try to charge it again. If it’s declined once more, your account will be automatically downgraded to the free account.

  7. How can I change or update my credit card details?
    You can update your credit card details anytime in the admin dashboard. Simply click on "Subscription & Payment" then "Payment Details," to modify or update your credit card details. A valid credit card is required for all paid accounts.

  8. Can I change plans / editions at any time?
    Yes you can. You can start with the free account and upgrade to higher editions, depending upon your needs. You can also downgrade or change your billing cycle at any time, if you'd like. If your subscription plan is changed in the middle of your billing cycle, we'll automatically adjust your payment in the next billing cycle.

  9. Are there any maintenance or upgrade fees?
    Salespeer’s subscription fee covers everything, including your right to use the system, application upgrades, bug fixes, customer support, server maintenance, daily backups, hosting, etc. However, we may offer some features that require an additional fee in the near future.

  10. Will my data be preserved if I upgrade to another plan?
    The data entered in a lower subscription plan will not be affected and will be preserved when you upgrade to a higher plan. However, if you downgrade from a higher to a lower plan, you may lose some data since they will have less functionality.
  1. Where does Salespeer store my company's business data?
    Your data is stored in secure servers. When you log in to Salespeer, the data is transferred across the Internet and displayed on your computer. All your information is encrypted when transferred over the web. This means that even if someone did manage to intercept your data, they would not be able to make sense of it.

  2. How do you ensure my data is kept safe?
    As mentioned above, your data is encrypted when it's sent from our servers to your device. This encryption makes it impossible for anyone to understand the data - even if someone intercepts it. Our servers are kept in a secure location - protected by firewalls and intrusion detection systems. We use the same type and strength of encryption as most online business applications (256-bit SSL)

  3. Do you share my company's info with anybody?
    Absolutely not. Your data is yours, not ours! Security and privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to us. We will only access your account to help you with a problem or to fix software bugs. We will never sell your personal info to third parties, nor will we use your name or company in marketing statements without your permission.

  4. How often is my business data backed up?
    Every night. Backups are performed automatically, without interrupting your work. They're kept in separate, secure locations. We'll always have a safe copy of your data even in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with our systems.

  5. I have more than 10,000 customers. Can Salespeer handle this volume of data?
    Yes. Salespeer Pro allows you to have unlimited contacts.

  6. Can I export my data from Salespeer?
    You can export all your data as csv files, from which any system can easily open and use. You have to make sure you export data while the account is still active and not terminated or closed.

  7. When I terminate my account and decide to re-subscribe later, will my data be preserved?
    Upon termination of Salespeer, your data will be removed permanently. If you decide to re-subscribe, no data will be recovered.

  8. Does the Salespeer support SMTP Servers that I can use to send and receive e-mail?
    No, you need to configure your mail server details within Salespeer. You can configure Salespeer with any email providers, including Google and Yahoo.

  9. Are there any data and storage limits for different subscription plans?
    Since storage space is shared within an account, any user under that account can use as little or as much as they want, up to the total limit allocated based upon the subscribed plan and the number of users.

    salespeer lite salespeer standard salespeer pro
    Fair play limits
    No of Data records
    Leads: 2000
    Accounts: 1000
    Contacts: 2000
    Activities /Tasks: Unlimited

    Import records in one batch:500

    File Storage (attach documents uploads photos, etc.): 300MB
    Fair play limits
    No of Data records
    Leads: 10000
    Accounts: 5000
    Contacts: 10000
    Activities /Tasks: Unlimited

    Import records in one batch:1000

    File Storage (attach documents uploads photos, etc.): 500MB for every user subscribed
    Fair play limits
    No of Data records
    Leads: Unlimited
    Accounts: Unlimited
    Contacts: Unlimited
    Activities /Tasks: Unlimited

    Import records in one batch: 5000

    File Storage (attach documents uploads photos, etc.): 1GB for every user subscribed
    In the near future, you may be able to pay for additional storage space, if required.
  1. In what all countries the Salespeer is available currently?
    Salespeer is currently available officially only in the following countries:
    • United States
    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • New Zealand

    More countries will be added in future, though there’s no fixed time at this moment.

  2. My country is not available in the list. Will it available soon?
    Salespeer is currently available officially only in a limited countries, though more will be added in future. If you need to test the application, you can still chose any other country and register, though there could be some minor issues, specific to countries.

  3. How can I try the paid plans during Beta?
    You can upgrade to any of the paid plans, by visiting the Modify Subscription under your Admin account. You need to key in your credit card details for authorization, but no amount will be deducted. You can try any paid plan, without paying anything.

  4. Why am I asked to enter my credit card details, if its free during the beta?
    Credit card details are for only authorization purpose and no amount will be deducted and you can use your paid account for up to 3 months.

  5. What happened, after the completion of 3 months of beta?
    If you wish to continue using Salespeer after the beta, no action is need by you, your credit card will be automatically charged, as per the selected plan, billing cycle and the number of users.

  6. What if I decide to cancel my subscription during the beta?
    You can cancel your paid subscription by downgrading it to the Lite plan, during or before the end of beta, no amount will be deducted from your credit card.

  7. How many users can I add during the beta and can I try both Standard and Pro plans?
    You can add any number of users during the beta or try any paid plan, but once the beta period is over you’ll be charged as per the selected plan, billing cycle and the number of users.

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