Salespeer has all the tools you need to close more deals and get paid.

manage task and appointments

Manage tasks and appointments

Use our Calendars tab to add, manage, and edit all your tasks and events. Assign calendar items to certain team members, accounts, or contacts within the system.

If any calendar item is edited, all update history is logged automatically - helping you track the progress of every task or event.

Best of all, you can sync with Google calendar to access and share calendar items from any device.

Get automated calendar reminders

Whether it's a task or an upcoming event with a client, you can schedule automated e-mail reminders to notify you and your clients before meetings.

You'll also get friendly pop-up notifications within Salespeer reminding you of upcoming calendar activities.

automatic calendar reminder

generate quotes

Generate professional quotes & invoices

Click on a contact or opportunity to generate professional quotes and invoices in minutes.

Since Salespeer fills out existing customer and product data for you, all you need to do is enter in a few extra details before generating them as a PDF.

​Then, you can attach and e-mail these documents to customers directly from Salespeer.

Fully customizable invoicing and billing

Manage national and international currencies, and exchange rates so you can manage deals with businesses around the world.

You can also manage local, state, or federal taxes for each product and service (or for your invoice as a whole).

Customize your quotes and invoices further by adding discounts, shipping and handling fees, and many more.

customize invoice

payment by paypal and credit card

Accept Paypal and credit card payments.

Unlike other small business CRMs, Salespeer allows you to accept Paypal and credit card payments.

Customers can click the payment link in their invoice and pay you via Paypal. It's that easy!

​Since every payment is automatically logged on our Payments tab, you can keep track of who's paid and who to follow up with. For completed payments, you can also issue receipts to customers.

Feature under development (coming soon!)

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.